Parker's Purpose

We have helped over two hundred families for over $170,000.00 since 2008.




A CHARITABLE TOUCH FOUNDATION is a great new concept which actively combines selling and giving. We automatically donate a portion of each Charity Auction Listing sales price to the Partner Charity for which the auction was listed. Contact us via EBAY for Charity Partnership information.


Above is a link that connects people with our ebay charity page. If people want to buy items listed on this site, 25% of the proceeds will benefit Parker's Purpose. They can also put things on our site to sell and have the options of all the proceeds going to us or a percentage.


Parkers Purpose has impacted the lives and families of so many over the years. The vision of faith, family, and community has been the bedrock of Todd Drusback and friends. The support for this great cause gives relief and opportunity to so many. They deserve our support!

- Matt Campbell
Head Football Coach
University of Toledo

Parker with Archie Griffin

Parker with Eddie George - 2014

Parker with Dixon, Mack and Byner - 2014

Parker with Coach Tressel - 2013

Parker with Rocky Bleier - 2012

Parker with Desmond Howard - 2011

Parker with Rudi Ruettiger - 2009

Mission Statement:

As individuals of Parker's Purpose we commit as part of our team to provide the highest level of service to ill, disabled children who are in an immediate financial crisis. We will perform our service with integrity and respect while also hoping to foster a positive self worth and self esteem in the individuals' giving. We will strive to provide funds and professional services, regardless of race, color and/or religion, as representatives of Parker's Purpose.

Todd Drusback
| Dave Roth
Vice President
| Greg Streacker
Vice President

Patti Inks

| Laurie Zyski

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